Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Value of Work

I was talking with my sister today about what motivates her. Lately, I have been taking too many naps, watching too many movies, and playing too much spider solitaire. I just don't have the motivation to get anything else done. Instead of wanting to create a great life, I am letting "life happen." It seems that I'm waiting for that great opportunity or "destiny" take its course. I dare say that all people have their ups and downs. The goal is to be on a path that overtime climbs upwards - in other words to grow through our experience.

Here is the solution: Find something you enjoy doing that makes you feel fulfilled and contributing. It could be serving those around you. It could be writing, singing, working, exercising. The goal is to do these things either for others or with others. God didn't put us on this earth alone. He wants us to include others in our lives.

There is great value in hard work and giving your best. It fulfills us in many ways and makes life all the more exciting and interesting. What a great opportunity we have to be here, so give to live:)